Turbo Blowers

Earlier this year, TMC Fluid Systems, Inc. and Namwon Turboone Inc. partnered together to introduce Turbo Blowers within the U.S. market. 

Namwon Turbo One Inc. is a turbo blower manufacturer specialized in research, development, manufacture of Turbo Blowers. 

These Turbo Blowers are manufactured in South Korea and comply with the stringent manufacturing and quality standards to ensure that every turbo blower manufactured for supply works as designed, with minimal need for maintenance.

Namwon Turbo Blowers boast a precision processed impeller, a high-speed and highly efficient motor, variable speed inverter and a low-noise facility controller.

These blowers are already being used in used in various industries on all continents, ranging from South America to Australia, Asia, and Europe.

For additional information on Turbo Blowers, click on the link above to learn more. 

TMC Fluid Systems is actively looking for Sales Representatives within the U.S. who would like to sell blowers within their local geographies. For , inquires send us an email to: Sales @ TMCFLuidSytstems.com


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